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Penwings Publishing: Local bestseller on going international

E-commerce is an excellent way for growing small businesses to expand their market by expanding their reach beyond borders. It is the immediate next step for thriving businesses looking to go further. As more companies in emerging markets look to go online, we help them look into their needs in their respective fields to come up with a robust digital strategy. In this case, we helped a renowned local author to move internationally.


A thriving book publishing house seeks to move beyond physical bookstores. We provide our clients with a modern and scalable digital solution that was easy to use that delighted them and their customers.


The author self-published her first book at the age of 24. Publishing companies would turn her down, citing her for being too young and inexperienced. As a result, she started her own publishing company, Penwings Publishing, and released her first book, Midnight Monologues. Her work went on to top the charts of the local bestsellers list.

The publishing company began to grow as she helped other young talented authors to publish their works, as well as her second book that continued to chart. Her readership and following grew nationwide as well as overseas. With her book already appearing on shelves nationwide, she determined that it was time to move her sales beyond borders for her fans overseas to get their hands on a copy of her books. We helped her digitize her business online and create a mesmerizing digital experience for fans and customers.

Our approach

We set out to provide e-commerce that suits the needs of a publishing house. It includes listing various products and offers from several existing and upcoming authors and also a way to reach out to fans through storytelling. Furthermore, we provided the customers with a seamless purchasing experience.

We do it by customizing an in-house e-commerce solution, Vender, that we provide to e-commerce clients. We wanted to go beyond traditional e-commerce solutions by providing our clients with a modern and scalable digital solution that was easy to use.

On delivering the product, we sit down with our clients for coffee sessions to walk through the management system. They are delighted by the ease of use of the system and require very minimal guidance from us, which we take as feedback for usability testing. From that, we continuously work to improve the user experience of the system.

The Results

The sales of the business have gone to grow beyond physical bookstores. With digital books and sales, the products of the authors published have reached an international audience, receiving orders from fans locally and abroad.


  • Programming language: Python
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Server: Docker, Ubuntu Linux

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