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KL Fashion Week: Specialized Digital Ticketing

Digital ticketing provides event organizers a way to manage and distribute tickets to their customers and guests in a paperless and efficient way. Many digital ticketing providers have seen large growth as demand for convenient ticket payment, and redemption has increased. However, general ticketing providers cater to the masses but not to niches that require personalization and specialized solutions.


Event organizers seek personalized ticketing distribution to showcase their brand, enhance customer experience, and work with sponsoring partners. Implementing personalized solutions help organizers to excite their customers and stand-out in the digital space.

The event system was a success and was delivered meeting expectations despite the short timeline. The sponsor added it as part of their sponsorship value, contributing to helping them grow their acquisition to reach millions.

The Full Story

The Situation

Like most events, the organizers require sponsors to help support the activities, whether financially or in some other form of value such as merchandising or digital solutions. In return, event organizations provide sponsors with marketing, publicity, or customer acquisition.

As the ticketing is private and not openly purchasable, they needed a way to distribute the tickets in such a manner. There is no better to achieve that than to delegate ticketing distribution to one of their sponsors in return for exclusive ticketing rights. Ticketing rights allow the partner to increase brand awareness and user acquisition.

However, it comes with many technical challenges, including linking the limited tickets to their user base and redeemed through redemption code, and a way to verify tickets on-premise spanning across multiple days. The short timeline meant that they needed to come up with a solution fast.

Our approach

Two technical solutions were required. One is a microsite built on top of the existing company website for attendees to register using their redemption code and receive their QR pass. Another is an onsite mobile app for event organizers to scan QR codes to verify attendants.

It is often strenuous to build a microsite onto an already existing website as it requires engineers to be familiar with existing systems. With a short timeline, going through existing systems was not an option. Therefore, we proposed to build and run a separate stack for the microsite as it was only for temporary use. We assured them that we could proxy and run them under the same server and website domain. 

They required it to run under the same website domain. Proving authenticity is extremely important, as phishing is often a sensitive security issue that many major payment applications have to face. 

We set out to build the microsite for guest ticket redemption, ensuring to meet design standards, branding guidelines, industry coding practices. Mobile responsiveness was a must as most of the users they expect most users to redeem on their phones.

The next is the onsite verification application. We helped to implement already existing QR reading solutions onto a customized mobile app specific to their use case. It includes connecting to their back-end system to verify ticket codes for different events, including workshops and talks that occur at different times. Therefore, cross-checking date and times was an important feature.

We sat down with the lead onsite manager to brief on the new procedure using the app. With the equipped knowledge, they can decimate the information to the on-ground team.

The Results

The event system was a success and was delivered meeting expectations despite the short timeline. It has tremendously helped the onsite staff to cope with the thousands of participant entrants. As a result, the sponsor used the event ticketing system for future events, and added it as part of their value as sponsors, helping them to continue to grow their acquisition to reach millions.


  • Platforms: Web, Android
  • Programming languages: Javascript (Node.js), Kotlin
  • Framework: Express

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