Client Case Studies

At RedSquare, our focus is not just about building software. Our focus is to provide measurable impact to the businesses that we build software for.

Getting the Edge in the Crowded Payment Space

Customer acquisition & retention is a major issue in the E-Wallet industry, with at least 30 player fighting for customers’s attention. We helped E-Wallet Co.* increase customer acquisition & retention by providing a team of custom software developers.


Financial Education for the Masses

Social media seems to be highly capable of influencing the populous’ behaviour. Education Platform Co.* who already had a large following on Facebook needed their own platform and custom toolsto achieve their goal of bringing financial education to everyone.


Achieving Compliance with Stability

In order to achieve compliance in the highly regulated financial product market, Gold Co.* needed to reach a certain level of stability for the mobile applications.

Internal Projects

We invest in new processes, tools and research internally so that our clients don't have to. Our internal projects are often used to demonstrate the capabilities of our discoveries.


Large file storage systems made for decentralized and secure delivery with Ethereum & IPFS.

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Ideas & Validation

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