At RedSquare, we pride ourselves on training talented product developers. Our goal is not just to create a group of software developers, designers, and marketers, but to create a team that can fundamentally create game-changing digital products for our clients.​


  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • A portfolio of project(s).
  • Able to pass a technical interview.

Who should apply

  • Anyone with deep interest in software engineering.
  • Interns looking for real-world experience.
  • University students seeking to learn relevant skills part-time.
Eg. +60 12 345 6789
Pick the job you are applying for
Tell us about your experience and past projects. Include a GitHub or Behance link if possible. Include Google Drive links to relevant documents.

* This application will be stored safely with RedSquare and will not be shared with another third party.

Why RedSquare

Our recruits are quickly and efficiently on-boarded to work with modern technology systems. Also, our guided training modules not only teach skill but also how to have the right mindset as you tackle problems.

“Having the correct mindset is also something I picked. It is by having a can-do attitude and focusing on doing rather than pondering on something for too long. Being adaptable is also an outstanding quality to have in a fast-paced environment. All in all, it has given me a more expansive view of the software industry.”
Chee Woei
Associate Engineer
Our employees work as consultants with companies, both big and small. Our clients range from public listed corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises.